Shine a Spotlight on Your Amazing Health and Wellness Biz and Watch Your Traffic, Leads, and Sales Soar – provided by Allison + team!

Hi, I’m Allison, and I’m all about helping your health and wellness business thrive with results-driven marketing!

Actually, you get more than little ol’ me. . 

I head up a small agile team of freelancers/subcontractors who live and breathe social marketing (and don’t come with unwieldy agency-level overheads). 

Say goodbye to marketing struggles and hello to a team that cares! Together, we’ll make your social media, paid ads and email marketing efforts a huge success!

What’s my experience?

I’ve been running socials, ads and email campaigns for businesses paid social ads on Facebook since 2014, in my early days of business (aaah, way back when it was a whole lot easier!) 

Since then I’ve taken several highly respected ads courses and I keep up to date with regular training from professionals and ad platforms themselves. I’m also a member of several paid alumni memberships. It’s an ever changing landscape in social and email marketing, and it’s really important to me to keep my skills and knowledge fresh.

Away from the office…

I live in the Shetland Islands with husband Gary and the family (made up of kids, cats and horse!) I’m an eternal list-maker, borderline crazy cat lady and I do love a good decaf coffee. 

We’re in the countryside next to the sea (it’s right outside our house) where a dose of fresh-air and a fresh sea breeze is footsteps away. The perfect place for striking that balance of time immersed in my business alongside time to unwind. 

I’ve been in business long enough to know that staying on track is a balancing act – I get it! That’s why I love working with health and wellness businesses, because together we can support each other with that balance, it’s a partnership!


Our mission is to wow you with a great return on your ad spend so you can grow your business and do good in the world!  We run your paid ads with integrity and honesty to deliver the best results we can for your ads budget. We believe in paying attention, talking things through and putting the legwork in to run understandable and scalable ad strategies that work (and make sense!) for your lead generation, online courses and memberships.



We listen…. Living on a Scottish island, we know people don’t need to shout over others to be heard. That same value is one we value in business – you don’t need to shout to get our attention. We listen carefully, we respond on time and we keep your tone of voice at the forefront of your online marketing campaigns.


We learn… and we don’t pretend to know it all. Life is all about learning and we truly believe every ad campaign needs attention to detail and learning – every service and every audience has subtle nuances to uncover.


We don’t have boundaries… actually, we have lots of boundaries, mostly around how we treat people and how we expect to be treated in return – we partner with you. We don’t have boundaries when it comes to growing an online business though. Allison didn’t believe that location was a boundary back in 2014 when she started a digital business from the most northerly and geographically remote group of Scottish Islands.


We’re open … We’re open and we’re honest. If we don’t think a plan is going to work, we’ll say so. We’re very nice and diplomatic, but we’re truthful. We will always give our best advice and we’ll respect your point of view. If we don’t think we’re the best fit to work together, we’ll say so.


We’re in this for the long haul! We want to be your ads partner for the long-term, and for us that means picking our clients carefully. We’re more interested in building a business that prioritises us (and you!). We work hard but we also want to enjoy life! (That’s the self-employed dream, right!?)  

Enough about me!

What about you?

Your business is something you pour your heart and soul into. You believe in it with everything you have! More than that, you believe in the difference you make to others.

You’re growing your stake in the modern revolution of online business and you’re committed to keeping on the brave journey of self-employment and entrepreneurship. And you want the person running your ads to feel the same! (Spoiler, I really do!) 

The life you’re creating for the future is one filled with ambition and big goals – not just for you, but for your family and for the world. You’re committed to helping others and giving back as your business grows.

As experienced online business owners, we know there are so many choices to make every day. Are you spending your marketing budget in the right places? Are your audience spending more time on another social platform? Should you be advertising there? How are you going to learn a new ads platform when helllooo, you’ve a business to run!  

 My training and experience means I run campaigns on multiple platforms for my clients every day. I won’t promise you miracles or overnight results, because that would be dishonest (and I really value honesty).  I will promise hard work, testing, my experience and up-do-date knowledge in finding what works and growing that! I learn what does work and where to get you the best results, so together we keep doing more of that.

If you’re looking for a small, boutique agency that picks its clients carefully and works with people, businesses and products they are truly excited to support, get in touch. You can fill in a contact form here…

Work For Good

We’re registered with Work For Good to help us give back. Right now we’re supporting Women’s Aid. Before taking the plunge into self-employment, Allison worked for 20+ years in housing and homelessness. “I can honestly say that some of my most difficult but also most rewarding days at work were those where I was in a position to support women and their families who were at risk of domestic violence. I have seen first-hand (more times than any of us should!) the amazing difference that Women’s Aid makes to women and their families. Not just in a short-term emergency, but in the long haul, offering support and counselling but also providing training for professionals. I’ve watched Women’s Aid truly change lives for the better’.