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30 day done-with-you nurture package

Get Your Ads Right with a 30-day Nurture Package

Our Ads Accelerator Nurture Package is perfect for social media managers, small business owners, marketing staff and anyone else who is serious about learning to set up and run their own paid social ads.

We get it – you’ve heard how paid ads can boost your business, but you’re worried about wasting money if things aren’t set up correctly.

Here’s Why This Package Is a Game-Changer:


Stop Wasting Money: You don’t want to spend your budget on ads only to find out you’ve been doing it wrong. We’ll make sure your ads are set up for success from the start.


Be More Strategic: Not sure which ads or which platforms will work best for you? We’ve all been there – spending money and feeling underwhelmed by the results. Let’s fix that. We’ll help you understand what works, what doesn’t, where to start and how to use your budget more effectively.


Keep Up with the Competition: Seeing others in your industry succeed with ads can be frustrating. With our help, you won’t be left behind. We’ll show you how to make ads work for you too.


Gain Confidence in Your Ads: It’s important that you feel confident your ads are set up well, you understand what they’re doing, you can read and explain the stats for yourself and make informed decisions moving forward. We’ll teach you all of that.

Ads Accelerator Package


How it


Working Together


You find a time/day that suits you for our introduction call here.   This is where we plan and prioritise how best to use your 3 hours of support time during our 30 days. 


Fill in your pre call questionnaire and pay for your 30 day nurture package.


During the 30 days, you might be set your own tasks to work on (like creating video to use in your ads, writing ad copy, setting up a landing page on your website etc). 


We keep in touch in between calls, and by the end of your 30 days and 3 hours of calls, we’ll aim to have worked through our planned tasks to get you set up and running your own ads. 


You can access short support sessions for the future, and you also get a discount code for future Ads Accelerator sessions. 

What’s Included in the Ads Accelerator Nurture Package:



Tailored Guidance: Three hours of focused, one-on-one time with me. We'll look at your specific situation, plan what needs done, set up your ads correctly, and make sure you know how to move forward.


Actionable Strategies: You'll leave with a clear understanding of how to run your ads, avoid common mistakes, and make the most of your ad spend.


Confidence to Succeed: No more guessing. You'll know exactly what to do to keep up with the competition, use your budget wisely, and get the results you want.

Ready to take your paid social ads to the next level?

Book your 3-Hour Nurture Package today and start advertising with confidence.

We had a really positive session with Allison to get some more general background on the use of Facebook and Instagram for our magazine and we also received some very useful advice regarding a separate project that we’re looking at, which was really helpful. We’ll be back in the future and it’s a really useful resource to be able to tap into. There were some extremely comprehensive notes to back everything up with as well.

Terry Hope, Professional photo magazine