Work With Allison

and the team

We Help Your Health and Wellness Biz Grow Bigger and Better with Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies that Work!

We can help you run social media, paid social ads and email marketing across multiple platforms.

Read on for details of the services we offer. 

Let’s grow your business and share your positive impact with the world!


Ask Allison

Power hour


Spend an hour together on a call.
Pick my brain! Ask those quick questions.  Show me on screen what you’re stuck on. Get quick help on social media or paid marketing for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok or Google Search ads. 

Book an hour-long call.


Save endless wasted hours asking Google, your biz mates, the dog!


Brainstorm ideas. Get advice. Share screen to check performance.


Get your questions answered and a call recording to refer back to.

Problem Solving

3 hour package


Let’s Get You Unstuck! 

If you’re struggling with anything social media, paid ads or email marketing, a Problem Solving Session could be for you.  Whether it’s Facebook’s Business Manager driving you mad, you want to build a social media plan you can stick to, you need help installing pixels or you need help deciding on the best platform for your ads, in three hours we can get you massively unstuck and moving forward with a plan of action. With a mix of practical hands-on help and expert guidance, you’ll be able to move forward with a plan to help you achieve your marketing goals. It’s a mix of time on screen, hands-on support and background planning, tailored to what you need. Don’t get caught endless googling ‘how-to’, do all this! 


Work together for 3 hours with a practical mix of video calls, sharing your screen and learning by doing.


Also includes Voxer or email support for two weeks after our final call.


Ask questions as we go, so you can move forward with new skills, new plans and confidence in what you're doing.



The Zen 10-Hour Package is the perfect solution for busy health and wellness businesses who are looking for adhoc support running the business.

Perfect if you want to bank some support hours with us, but you’re not looking for a monthly commitment. Get 10 hours of access to done-for-you support from Allison and the team. We’ll take care of those behind-the-scenes tasks leaving you space to focus on growing your business.


You can use this package for a range of tasks including social media management, email marketing, WordPress website updates or anything that’s ‘techy’ we can help with.


It can also be used for a particular project (ie getting your lead magnet up and running) or anything else online-business-techy that you’re struggling with and that we know how to do!


Your 10 hours of Zen10 support are valid for three months.

Ads ‘Done In One’ Day


This intensive full-day session fixes your social media and paid ad woes, fast!

Perfect if you’re starting from scratch or you’re feeling a bit all over the place with your social media or ads.


Book me for one full day to work on your business social media and ad campaigns.


Mix of Zoom and Voxer support throughout the day, plus me hands-on in your accounts working on what we agree we can do in a day.


Plan, create and schedule social media posts and ads for your lead magnet.


Also includes follow-up email or Voxer support for one month.

Hire An Ads Manager

Starts from £1200 p/m

Want to bring an Ads Manager in to your team?

Hire me to fully manage your social media marketing, month after month. 


One Ads Manager running ads across multiple ad platforms, which streamlines your marketing efforts.


Generate more impact with ads that focus on data, purpose and results.


I limit the number of direct clients I work with, so you always get the best attention.


Ideal if your ad spend is £5k+ across multiple platforms.

My feelings of “Am I doing Facebook Ads right?” have left the building. Allison brought sanity into my Facebook Ads world. Now I don’t have to wonder if I’m set up for success. I know that my website pixel is working as it should. And I know exactly how I’m going to implement successful ads moving forward. Allison is a gem. – Jon Phillips