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We Help Your Health and Wellness Biz Grow Bigger and Better with Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies that Work!

We can help you run social media, paid social ads and email marketing across multiple platforms.

Read on for details of the services we offer. 

Let’s grow your business and share your positive impact with the world!


Ads Audit

Ads Audit

From £397

Looking for a highly-detailed and professional audit of your Business Manager, ad accounts, campaigns, audiences, targeting and ads?  

We’ll audit and report on your current set-up, and give you an easy to action to-do list to take forward.

Ads Accelerator Package

Ad Building Blocks

From £497


Meta Pixel & Conversions API Setup:

We carefully set up and check the Meta pixel and Conversions API to track who visits your website and what they do. This helps us make smart decisions based on real data.


Competitor research:

researching the ads already out there and how you could stand out against these in your own ad creatives.


Building Audiences for the Future:

We don’t just get things started; we plan ahead. We create various audiences for your ads to keep your campaigns running smoothly in the future.


Create testing ad copy for your first ads.

Give you a comprehensive brief for your first ad creatives, so these can be created for you by your design team.


Preparing Your Ads for Success:

We handle all the prep work to ensure your ads are ready to go. This way, you can easily run, manage, and grow your campaigns later on.

In Team Ad Strategist

In Team Ads Strategist

From £1200 per month


Fully outsource your ads management and grow your team with a dedicated in-team ad strategist. We join your team, managing everything in your ads – set up, tracking, strategy, campaign builds, monitoring and reporting.

Get an Ads Manager on your team who can help you get the best results from your advertising campaigns across multiple platforms – Meta (Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok ads).

This is for your business if you have a regular marketing budget to spend each month and you’re looking for an Ads Manager to join your team to fully manage and take ads completely off your todo list.


You need a reliable, knowledgeable paid social marketer on your team.

Agency Partner

Agency Partner

Day-rates from £350 and monthly management from £1200 per month.

We can white-label as your ads partner, making the best use of our up-to-date experience across multiple paid social platforms.

We’ve white-labelled for several agencies over the years, and can slot in to the role you need quickly and easily to cover long-term absence, maternity leave, a specific project or a long-term role.

My feelings of “Am I doing Facebook Ads right?” have left the building. Allison brought sanity into my Facebook Ads world. Now I don’t have to wonder if I’m set up for success. I know that my website pixel is working as it should. And I know exactly how I’m going to implement successful ads moving forward. Allison is a gem. – Jon Phillips